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Mailing address to all council members:
City Administration Building
202 C Street, MS #10A
San Diego, CA  92101

Below are photos, names and associated links for email and websites links for each City Council Member .  For a district map at  Click “District 1, 2 etc. to view your council representatives website to view the map.  You can click their email to begin writing your own email from there. Remember heart-felt pleas are nice but you must stay on point, use the science and remind your representative that you mean business. Demands made respectfully, with accurate facts will help tip the scale and help to end the fluoridation program. Anger is counterproductive. Keep your letters positive and base your thoughts on the top four problems with fluoride (which can be found in many videos, pre-written letters and in the body of this blog). The science as explained by the Videos by Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Connett will help you a great deal. Take notes and construct your own letter to your representative. Write them often.  It IS a numbers game. The more often they are called and receive letters, emails and phone calls the closer we get to eliminating this threat to our children, our health and our well being.

Photo of District 1 Councilmember Sherri Lightner
District 1
Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner
Photo of District 2 Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer
District 2
Councilmember Kevin Faulconer
Photo of District 3 Councilmember Todd Gloria
District 3 
Council President Todd Gloria
Photo of Myrtle Cole
Graphic of District 5
District 5 
Councilmember Mark Kersey
Photo of District 6 Councilmember Lorie Zapf
District 6
Councilmember Lorie Zapf
Photo of District 7 Councilmember Scott Sherman
District 7
Councilmember Scott Sherman
Photo of District 6 Councilmember David Alvarez
District 8 
Councilmember David Alvarez
Photo of District 9 Councilmember Marti Emerald
District 9
Councilmember Marti Emerald

Dr. David Kennedy vs. MWD 2007, “Poisoned Babies”

Water Fluoridation delivers a drug to all children under 6-years of age at a higher dosage than any doctor can currently prescribe. Parents innocently dosing babies with toxic fluoride.

In this video Dr. Kennedy supports Interim Policy Recommendations that held off fluoride until 2011. This video was made in 2007. We owe Dr. Kennedy a great debt of gratitude for his efforts. But as you can see the political juggernaught of fluoridation could not be stopped. Now we must undo what has been done. We can only do that if you get mad, and write very logical factual letters to the city council demanding that the San Diego Law against fluoride be upheld. Health concerns from early fluoridation projects led San Diegans to pass a law in 1954, SDMC 67.0101, prohibiting the addition of fluoride to public drinking water. However, in 1995 Governor Pete Wilson signed AB733, the Statewide Fluoridation Act, requiring water fluoridation for most of the state. State law “overrides local law”, and in 2008 SD City Council accepted funding to begin water fluoridation in the City. Currently 10 percent of the City’s water comes from the Metropolitan Water District, which adds fluoride at a level of about .7ppm.

Thank you Pete Wilson.  I wonder what drug he was on?  Glue perhaps?

One of the main organizations supporting water fluoridation efforts in San Diego is a Massachusetts dental insurance company called the Delta Dental Foundation. Chester Douglass, a former Harvard professor, is the Chairman of Delta Dental’s Board of Trustees. He’s also the editor of Colgate’s Oral Report.  He conducted a study with the help of Ph.D candidate Elise Bassin concerning water flouridation which came under question by peers reviewing the work.
Their study investigated the relationship between water fluoridation and osteosarcoma. Fluoride accumulates in the bones, so Bassin investigated the childhood “growth spurt” period when bones are growing quickly. She found an over 500% increase in osteosarcoma in boys that consumed fluoridated water between the ages of 6-8.  Increases were also found in the 4-12 age group.
When Douglass presented his work to several public health bodies he reported finding no increase in osteosarcoma, although he included Bassin’s paper in his references.  That striking omission led to an investigation.

Welcome moms and dads – to the CITY HALL CONNECTION

This new SDSDW approved blog is about sending emails, letters and making phone calls to your city council members.  It also covers the realities of fluoridation as it applies to new families with infants and children.  Each article has been written with you in mind.  Enjoy.  This blog and FluorideTruth – San Diego are both satellite blogs for The letters and content are created by members and is provided for unlimited use by the membership. Please remember this blogs exists for you to use as a communications tool.  Email the letters in the blog entry below.  Make it a daily habit.  It is our civic, familial and moral duty to do so.  This is a national tragedy that must be ended – we are dead serious about your participation in the process.  If you do not wish to communicate your thoughts to council members this organization may not be for you.  This blog is for serious fearless activists with passion and a sense of duty to family, health and the well being of our neighbors and all citizens who value a clean safe environment in which to raise the next generation of smart free Americans.

Begin by making a commitment to send one letter to all seven city council members every day.  Each day send a different letter, and keep going.  Design your own letters and emails.  Send them.  Never give up, never stop, never let them forget how important and precious your children are to you.   Any fluoride compounds in the water means it will find them.  If you buy water it is still unavoidable in the shower, bassinets, tub, and at school.  It is unavoidable in the processed food and drinks they consume.  Buying clean water is only a small percentage of the solution.  Until it is turned off, it gets to you and your kids, guaranteed.

We need the city council to turn it off.  We need them to hear our voices loud and clear in emails, phone calls and letters.  We need to stay in constant contact with the San Diego City Council, all contact information is listed in this blog.  We provide pre-formatted letters and contact information to make it very easy for you to communicate the facts about fluoride to the people who have the power to shut it off.  Thank you all for your consistent and continual efforts.

Fluoride In A Nutshell

Fluoridation 101

Impure, untested fluoride chemicals are legislated into most U.S. water supplies, not to kill nasty microbes, but to medicate tap water for a public who are assured water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. But it is neither. Water fluoridation is a lie. It is a very old form of corruption based on bad science and dentistry’s continued goal for every American’s faucet to dispense 1 milligram fluoride via approximately one quart of water.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that 60% of Americans receive fluoridated tap water. Virtually 100% eat and drink a fluoridated food supply, many are heavily dosed with fluoride in showers baths spas and pools.  Bathing infants in fluoridated water is a health risk to your baby.

Fluoridation, shockingly, is not supported by valid science. Dentists mistakenly believed swallowed fluoride created decay resistant teeth by becoming part of children’s developing enamel; but they were wrong. Fluoride’s beneficial effects, if any, are topical according to the CDC and the American Dental Association. Public health officials predicted fluoride would eradicate tooth decay like vaccines prevent disease; but they were wrong about that, too. They said fluoride was a necessary nutrient and, like vitamin C prevents scurvy, fluoride would prevent tooth decay – wrong again. The US Surgeon General reports tooth decay is at epidemic proportions among our poor and minority populations, many of whom live in fluoridated communities.




     It’s interesting to note that normal daily fluoride intake of breast-fed infants is negligible.  Less than .01 mg because human breast milk contains merely a trace of fluoride regardless of the fluoride intake to the nursing mother the exact reasons for the limited transfer fluoride from plasma to breast milk are unknown but it’s been suggested that the physiological plasma milk barrier actively seeks to protect the newborn human from the toxic effects of fluoride.  This is confirmed in cow’s milk which also contains low levels of fluoride even when fluoride is added to the mother cows food or drinking water. 

Meet the immutable Dr. David Kennedy, by William Zimmermann

I met Dr. Kennedy at the relocation party of the Gerson Institute Cancer Curing Society. I had spoken many times with the president of the Institute Anita Wilson, but I had never met her in person. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Carol Beard who is in charge of education and training at the Institute. She took me to Anita Wilson’s office to meet her. I no sooner had said “hello Anita” than she grabbed my arm and whisked me off to meet Dr. David Kennedy without hardly a word between us. She knew I was an anti-fluoride activist and wasted no time getting me over to meet Dr. Kennedy.  Here are some of his hard hitting truth telling videos about fluoride.

Dr. Kennedy illuminates the San Diego city council:


Top Canadian Fluoride Expert Dr. Hardy Limeback, DDS, Apologizes

Dr. Hardy Limeback DDS apologizes for supporting fluoride.  His journey through the emotional realization that he was mistaken and for years supported a lie.  View this website and enjoy this wonderful man’s humble testimony on behalf of all people especially children.

A comprehensive one hour lecture by Dr. Limeback:

San Diego ranks as ninth of ten worst water cities

AS IF OUR WATER WAS NOT BAD ENOUGH. Parents need to give this a heads up.

10 U.S. cities with the worst drinking water:

Texas conducted 22,083 water quality tests between 2004 and 2007 on Houston’s water supply, and found 18 chemicals that exceeded federal and state health levels.
By Douglas McIntyre

Unknown to most Americans, a surprising number of U.S. cities have drinking water with unhealthy levels of chemicals and contaminants.

The Bizarre History of Fluoride video, by mom and activist Darlene Cheryl

Great video on fluoride and children – and a whole lot more:  And remember to write call and email your City Council Members about fluoride in our water.  Choose from the many pre-written letters here.  Join us at the the San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water meetings.  Visit our website at WWW.SDSDW.ORG.

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